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or we are still waiting for the first blanket of snow ...

So we were looking forward to St. Nicholas and first snow when St. Martin left it at home. But we were looking forward uselessly. It was freezing weather on Saturday morning without snow unfortunately. We wanted to take some winter photos when we had trains outside. Cleaning of the line was more laborious after month´s break. Jenda could tell about it because he was on the track with a working train longer time than usual. The first train was delayed a few minutes because the first passengers came punctually at ten o´clock. And Jenda told us a funny stories from the track cleaning. We prepared a hot tea for passengers during all day. This tea came in handy to them after ride through the park. Two battery locomotives were in operation all day so the locotractor remained in the depot prepared for winter. The young boys took turns in the locomotives driving. A tickets sold on the platform directly this time. All members used asylum of the warmed clubroom and they were sipping hot drinks here. Attendance of passengers was rather symbolical because who would be going to the frozen park from a warmed stove? Thank you very much for all visitors, which came to visit us on Saturday. We would like invite St. Nicholas, angels and devils to the Park railway Olympia next year.

St. Nicholas trains were pulled by battery locomotives.
(photo © Tomas Randysek)

Jirka with his granddaughter Nikolka.
(photo © Tomas Randysek)

A little frozen but maybe satisfied passengers
(photo © Tomas Randysek)