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Early 2009 year, shopping centrum Olympia Brno offered to building park railway between shopping and breather centrum and Svratka river in newly building green park. Sport, relax and cultural facilities will belong this green park.

The track

The park railway will build with wheel gauges 127 a 184 mm (abaxial triple-rails) as double-track with ending loops. The minimal curve radius is 12 meters, the maximal climbing cruise is 1%.

Diagrammatic plan of the biocentre.

The track is conducted from the main station by double-line. It is passing under an in-line skating rink by curve and then it is ascending to green area by two counter curves. There is a small station (e.g. for models with technical trouble or small pressure). The double-line splits in two directions behind station. Right track deflects inward green area and it will continue to reset loop (for shortering drive of the small models) Track yet more deflects to the right behind a reset loop and overcomes footway by level crossing. There is a double-tracked station immediately after level crossing, near amphitheatre. This station will inhabited for passengers dispatching during concerts. Track rounds highest point of the park by fluent curve, it overcomes footway by next level crossing and turns around backward. Track continued into wayside station along the in-line skating rink. Track is again double-line from wayside station into the main station. Total lenght is 1439 meters.

Final route location.

An artificial terrain will formed in order to supplement line by elevations and hollows. A significant Brno´s landscape gardener Zdenek Sendler is responsible for biocentre draft in term of formation, route location and plants composition.

Dimensions of trace.

Total lenght.

A signalling equipment will reduced only in not providing an easy survey places, by reason of operating failures minimalization. We plan to install signalling equipment in the double-line section, in the reset loop round the round-house, in the platforms area and on the entry and departure gridions. We will build signalling equipment step by step.

We suppose that a narrow sidewalks will building alongside the wayside stations for safety movement of modellers. The wayside stations will furnished with a water tanks for steam engines boiler feeding. The lack of water is very critical for steam engines.

The wayside station.

The reset loop.

The main station

The main station will a departure gate of the park railway including a station building, a platform for visitors (passengers), a work-shop, a depot of passenger cars and a round-house - depot of locomotives with a turn-table. An integral part of the main station will a yard which will connects these objects and which will enables shift of cars. The main station is structured not only for commercial operating, but also for club operating and for of international modeller meetings too. A technical equipment has to make possible operating of steam engines with a coal heating.

Main station collects every technical and visitors´ rear. Movement of visitors will spatially regulated for security reasons. No entrance areas will determinate. Visitors will come into station by one pavement from parking place and by one pavement from green area. One driveway have to be available for supply of material. Parking for visitors will in the car park of the shopping centrum Olympia. But traverse table for all vehicles must be installed.

A layout drawing of the main station.

The station building

This is a cellarless bricked building with saddle roof. Used building material - Ytong packets or bricks. The roof will classic - wooden rafters with shingle roof. The building is model of real railway building from turn of the 19th and 20th century. Station building is warming up with electric heating and it has next segmentation:

• Daily room - for staff only. The entry is from hold yard side. There are kitchen, seating room, office and distribution boards in the daily room. It is designed for members of S.M.P.D. too.

• Cloak-room - entry is from daily room. There are wardrobes and bench in cloak-room. Supposed number of staff in one cloak-room is circa 4.

• Social settlement - entry is from cloak-room. There are wash-basin, toilet, sink and shower base in social settlement

• WC for visitors - gents room and Ladies´ room separately. There is wash-basin in foyer. Entry into WC is from platform side.

• Cash desk - room for staff. Entry is from platform side. Selling railway tickets and additional assortment. The room includes bookshelves and table for cashier under the windows.

A drawing of the station building.

A drawing of the station building.

A drawing of the station building.

A visualization of the station building (processed by Roman Siler)

The station building - a view from platform.

The station building - a view from entry gridiron.

The station building - view from entry.

The station building - a personal entry.

The station building - view on a station roof.

An early-evening pictures
or a game with lights and shades.

The workshop

This is a cellarless bricked building with saddle roof. Used building material - Ytong packets or bricks. The roof will classic - wooden rafters with shingle roof. There are three arrival gates from one side. One for free-wheeled vehicles acces, another two for rail vehicles. Rails are embedded into concrete floor as abaxial triple-rails. There is personnel entrance from another side.

Workshop is furnished with routine machinery and tools for vehicles maintaining (drill press, grinding machine, press, welder), work-tables and upstream equipment for models. There are spares for models and track maintenance and rack storage systems in the workshop.

Summerhouse is outbuilding of workshop and it serves for needs of S.M.P.D. Society. Construction of the summerhouse is wooden.

A drawing of the workshop.

The shed

This is a cellarless low and long building with entrance for rail vehicles. Shed is intended for side tracking of passenger cars and work cars. The building is no warming up without tempering. Construction materials is concrete. Side wall to the road will covered with earth. Side wall to the station building will equipped with windows (glasscrete) and back wall will equipeed with air vents.

A drawing of the shed.

A visualization of the shed (processed by Roman Siler)

The shed - a general view.

The shed - a general view.

The shed - a view from the back.

The shed - detail of a gate.

The shed - a corner with gate.

The shed - detail of a windows.

The round-house

This building is classical round-house with central turn-table. There are track from turn-table (swing bridge 3m long with hand drive) for separate standing over entrance gates. Track in round-house will in waist-high (off the ground) for ease of maintenance.

The bricks will as building material. The roof with air chimney will wooden. Facade will evoke classical half-timbered railway building. The concrete floor will waterproof and weathered. Entrance gates will wooden or wainscot.

Interior will tripartite. The first part will for precleaning of steam engines after operating (ash cleaning, water and condensations discharge, clearing by power water etc.). This part will separated by blank wall and it will tailored to work with spraying water. The second part is intended for deposting of the operating steam engines. This part will placed on the other side of round-house and it will surrounded with polystyrene board and tempered. Remaining part will for standing of others locomotives. There will work tables along outside wall.

The round-housewould have been furnished with modified water distribution for engine boilers, distribution for compressed air and mains outlets in every standing. Dust extractors and sinks be at the disposal of all modellers.

Entrances to the round-house will at both ends. There will enry steps near entrance gates.

A drawing of the round-house.

A visualization of the turn-table (processed by Roman Siler)

A top view.

A bottom view without a half pit.

A skeleton of the pit.

A view on the bridge.

A parts of the bridge - a top view.

A parts of the bridge - a bottom view.

The roofed-in platform

The island platform for passengers is placed between second and third rail of the departure section. The first and fourth rails are solved as bypass for model trains without passengers (visiting models e.g.)

The platform will roofed-in in the middle part. The roof will be wooden - it is replicate real railway building from turn of the 19th and 20th century.