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You can see more detailed information about the park railway execution in shopping and breathing centre Olympia Brno.

21th July 2017 - stavba nové opěrné zídky u smyčky Ořechová, která musela být z bezpečnostních důvodů posunuta padesát centimetrů od hrany silnice, probíhala v létě 2017.

10th September 2016 - a build of the wooden warehouse started in summer 2016. This warehouse will use for stowage of the mobile five inch rails and mobile garden railway yard. Mr. Plachy and Mr. Pavelka built up it.

31th October 2015 - pokračuje betonování obrubníků, stavba opěrné zídky a také stavba boudy na nářadí. Počasí nám zatím přeje a tak to snad do konce provozní sezóny stihneme.

26th September 2015 - začali jsme stavět boudu na nářadí ve stejném stylu jako je přístřešek vedle vozového depa. Stavební práce už pomalu končí a tak je nutné přesunout z dílny stavební kolečka, hrábě, rýče a lopaty, aby tam bylo více místa. Probíhá také betonování obrubníků kolem travnatých plocha před nádražím a stavba opěrné zídky za odjezdovým zhlavím.

28th August 2015 - přístřešek vedle vozového depa je již dokončen a stále probíhá montáž výhybek a svařování kolejí ve vratné smyčce u hlavního nádraží.

19. června 2015 - začala stavba přístřešku vedle vozového depa, který bude sloužit pro odstavování osobních vozů s rozchodem 5". Také jsme odvezli druhý kontejner, který sloužil pro uskladnění obou našich mobilních kolejišť. Na jeho místě se provedou zemní úpravy a vznikne zde druhá vratná smyčka.

23th October 2014 - the year passed quickly and we have our "old acquaintances" here craftsmen. A retaining wall on the left of the main station will build at the first. This wall will surround a rail loop-line which will meant for a small and less high-performance models. An area next to side gate will be paved and we will start with preparation of the railway yard´s shelter roof.

12th September 2013 - bulding of the main station is drawing to an end unstoppably. Only some odds and ends remain to be done. Facing of the workshop and round-house by brick venner will time consuming. But both buildings get a character of railway buildings by the end of the 19th century.

31th May 2013 - the spring delayed this year a little and so works are continuing in the round-house. Pavement laying is continuing and painting of the inside walls will follow. And some outdoor works will finish when weather permitting.

22th March 2013 - last pleasant days without rain, snow and frosty weather our workers spent outside for now. They finish entrances into the round-house for prevention of coldness and snow. Tiling of both backstairs is finished. The boys crawled into round-house with arrival of cold weather and they will crawl out in the spring surely. But they will not bored here.

12th November 2012 - we try to manage all outside work with upcoming autumn and before winter. Our workers painted a facade and glued a sandstone socle on the work shop. They have to glue a brick linings and pave an area in front of entry gate. And then we will finally finishing the round-house from the outside and from the inside too.

29th August 2012 - stirring building finishing before the first final inspection and before 1st Steam Olympiad is successfully behind us and we have to complete all as fast as possible. The station building is turn for change at first.

31th May 2012 - all activities in the construction were subordinated to final inspection in the late May. Craftsmen worked at full throttle during weeks and club members worked at full throttle during weekends. The most important track and switches for operation were layed and we had to gravelled its. Switch machines and lifting platform for models unloading were installed almost on the eve of the 1st Steam Olympiad.

9th May 2012 - deadline of the main station Olympia opening ceremony is in the offing and we subordinated all building operations to this date. Jano and Pista are completing facades, last metres of granite pavements were layed (28000 granite cubes), all electric wiring and water distributions are completed, Jura and Jarek are welding and laying rail fields. They must weld 7200 sleepers - approximately 43200 weld joints.

28th April 2012 - voluntary works are continuing on our park railway. Soil and ballast delivery, sawn processing, laying of the ceilings, completing and painting of the round-house doors, spraying of parts for carriages and interior cleaning last but not least.

13th April 2012 - works are firing on all cylindres, because we don´t have much time till final inspection. Laying of departure lines started, Carpentry Lubomir Plachy is constructing roofing of platform. Tutntable carriage was concreted and installed. Last earth moving before ballast bring are under way. Built-in wardrobes for club members were installed in the changing room.

7th April 2012 - week passed so quickly and working Saturday is here again. We must paint the clubroom and toilet still, but I don´t think this Saturday will be able to manage. The others volunteers are continuing with production of door for round-house.

31th March 2012 - our first voluntary work ran this year´s are at home and dry. We carried out painter's, varnishing and painting work. Production of round-house´s doors followed afterwards.

30th March 2012 - The winter is on the wane finally and the sun gains strength Building operations at round-house start into overdrive. We must bulldoze the ground at the first, then drive macadam and then start to dig a hole for turntable. Next cubic metres are rolling at the our station. We must concrete two footings for semaphores and base slab for turntable travel, too.

18th March 2012 - construction work inside of station building are finishing. Underfloor heating was installed at toilets and washroom. Laying of tiling and floor tiling is finishing too. Construction work in the round-house are continuing too. Company Elektro Fiala installed wiring. Jarek Grega started with welding of shores and side tracks.

24th February 2012 - so winter is on the decline, but freezes were really severe. Works in the station bulding are continuing. There were installed electric radiators in the club room. Boys started with tiles laying in the cash desk and with facing of the toilets.

10th February 2012 - company of Mr. Plachy finished roofing of the round- house right after New Year´s Day. It was cold and windy. Jano and Pista bricked walls under roof and they glued waterproofing and thermal insulation on the external walls of the round-house. They had to move into the main station, because heavy frosts interrupted all outdoor works.

22th December 2011 - building operations on the round-house proceeded last month. Perimeter walls were build on the foundations and roof-frame was build on the perimeter walls.

26th November 2011 - lining of the round-house undeground part was completed including concreting of the formwork blocks sheeting. The bricking of an aboveground of the round-house started.

10th November 2011 - the workshop penthouse was completed. Building of the round-house is continuing. Isolation of foundations is gluing and underground part is bricking concretelly.

19th October 2011 - the south wall of workshop got a new fasade plaster. Carpentry Lubomir Plachy is continuing with building of a workshop penthouse. But especially, the first twelve cubic metres for round-house was poured from a mixer truck.

14th October 2011 - company of Lubomir Plachy started with building of the first platform eaves. Excavation of the round-house foundations is continuing. We moved some tons of rails and switches at the main station and we tried a new warning cross.

21th September 2011 - we started with concreting of kerbs between entrance track and station building and we are concreting of pillars footing of the covered platform too. Company Elektro Fiala is installing lightning conductors on the all buildings. First cubic metres of the round-house foundations were excavated. The station building is getting an external isolation Ytong Multipor.

15th September 2011 - the track gave way under force vehicles during yearlong operation above all in curves. It was necessary fill up these places with new ballast. We used our two dump cars for the first time. These cars were loaded by ballast fraction 16/32 and they were coupled to locotractor and transported at incriminated places.

25th August 2011 - we have to lay an entry station track with a switch into depot for planned "Open day". Construction of the retaining wall is continuing. Company Bofa-mont started with assembly of fence on entry and departure lead. And we can transport earth eventually - the weather turned fine.

5th August 2011 - a system for waste water accumulation was completed. But concreting of crossings and welding of the both junctions started mainly. Company Trasko is paving an entrace pavement.

1st August 2011 - the second voluntary job was under the direction our young people. Jano and Pista were on well-earned holiday and our boys offered to help us. Chief site manager Jiri planned to them some excavation work and retaining wall building as a reward. And some cleaning too.

30th June 2011 - the earthwork are continuing. Outdoor electric and water distributions were finished. Sewerage distributions are continuing too.

10th June 2011 - a ground shaping and excavation work ongoing on the building site. An excavator is buldozing an elevation and it is transporting unnecessary soil at the round-house provisionally. We had to carried out excavation work by construction machinery because a bedrock was very hard. But this will faster.

26th May 2011 - we are finishing work at the workshop. There is a landing above its part, which will use for an occasional overnight accomodation. The floor is from concrete pavement. The electric wiring is complete too.

23th April 2011 - the first voluntary work at Park railway Olympia. We executed excavation work around station building and we painted windows at workshop and depot.

21th April 2011 - building activity is high. The workshop is getting indoor and outdoor plaster. The roof on station building is completed. The depot has an outdoor plaster too. Company Slavona stacked an entrance door of the workshop and station building.

25th March 2011 - the spring arrived in Brno finally and intensity of building activity strongly increased. Electric wiring installation was completed in the station building and workshop. Interior walls of the station building were smooth out by leno weave fabric. There were put a tracks in the workshop. There were concreted floor in the station building. The roof of the workshop is getting a shingle cover.

28th January 2011 - old year tumbled over into new year and our building activity started again. The station building and part of the workshop got a new wooden windows. The roof of station building was completely cover with battens. Electric wiring and water installation are processing indoors.

15th December 2010 - last building works are ongoing before Christmas. Air temperatures is below freezing point still. Company Carpentry - joinery Plachy Lubomir is completing roofing of the main station. Walling of a separating walls is ongoing inside.

9th December 2010 - the building activity moved onto station building. The building of trusses and gables is ongoing. A part of a station building was weather-strip by plastic film and tarp so as we work in interior during frosty days.

30th November 2010 - a veritable winter reached into the south Moravia. This year any earlier than in last years. It will have an effect on ongoing building works. But we have roofed-in workshop before the first snow cower. Building of roofs of the station building ongoing.

19th November 2010 - the rainy ang foggy days are coming. A roof building of the workshop is finishing. The workshop entry gate was installed too. A rims of the station building are concreting. We are waiting a first frost and snow during the next week so we must cover in both buildings so we can move our works in the interiors.

4th November 2010 - a new photos of building were added. The wooden construction of depot is just before a completion. The enclosure walls of the workshop are built, a rim was concreted and a root frame is preparing. The station buildig grew out too, we moved a ceiling beams on the enclosure wals.

7th October 2010 - a new photos from building of the railway station were added. Basement of the station building, workshop and depot were concreted during last two months. We began building of the depot and station building.

3th August 2010 - we began concrete of buildings basement - basement of the workshop at the first. We must cleaned up hollow groves several times, because every rain scoured a clay back. The container and site barrack has been moved into building area too.

15th July 2010 - we gradually start to works on the main station. Area of the main station was fenced. Site excavation of depot, station building and workshop started too. Ytong bricks were delivered into buffer stock PASO a.s. Workers of Velecky company made provisional branch from track before a bridge into container, for easier manipulation with vehicles.

24th June 2010 - built-up of the main station is coming soon and we have to prepare necessary storage area.

10th June 2010 - company OK Mont completed track laying to main station. The most interesting part of the line got live contour. The train will travel through a bridge under the in-line skating rink, it will circle a hill with wooden labyrinth and it will chop out on the wayside station ...

20th May 2010 - a press conference on the occasion of the biocentre inauguration.

14th May 2010 - we planned a demonstration runs with steam engines for Olympia management and other concerned parties which are participate in the biocentre building.

12th May 2010 - the next photos from building of the biocentre were provided towards evening 12th May. A working activity on that day already desisted and you can see that all the arrangements are made for inauguration of the biocentre.

3rd May 2010 - the first test runs with a steam engine eventualized. The steam engine can put forth to double speed compared to battery engine. We wanted readiness of track for service.

27th April 2010 - a next inspection was on Tuesday 27th April. OK Mont´s workers reinforced rails joints and they repaired longitudinal deformations too. A driving properties markedly improved.

17th April 2010 - we must postpone a test runs on the first section regarding the bad weather. All week it was raining perseveringly and the biocentre was one mud. We made oneself understood on Saturday when was a nice spring sunny day. S.M.P.D., OK Mont and Velecky participated on a test runs.

8th April 2010 - a track laying continued from the last week on the building site.

1st April 2010 - a control day was at the building site on Thursday 1st April. The first meters of track were laid into the prepared gravel ballast. The bottom part of a track corpus is from ballast of 16-32mm fraction, the top part is from ballast of 8-16mm fraction. The ballast is from the stone pit Zelesice.

23th March 2010 - a spring is coming in these days and work at the park railway started fully. You can see following photos, which capture situation from 23th March 2010.

11th March 2010 - the first switch prototype is almost finished and we have to try passability of all our bogies.

24th February 2010 - situation on building site will documented after some time. Wood species and elements for visitors activities were installed.

19th February 2010 - company Velecky started producing of the rails and switches for Park Railway Olympia.

8th February 2010 - we delivered 16 tonns rolling U section for rails and switches into company Velecky in Krenovice u Slavkova.

3rd November 2009 - when we traced out last stages, the weather was very bad. It was heavily snowing from early morning and traffic calamity was in all town. In site was much of slush. But we have to abide with building harmonogram.

24th October 2009 - we met on 24th October so that range and lay out curves between tunnel and retaining station. We started to work our first brigade hours.

19th October 2009 - colleague Roman Siler provided next photos of the biocentre building.

29th September 2009 - we caught first photos from building site in the late September. Ground shaping proceeded on building site at the moment. Excavators and goods vehicles moved a tons of earth and they created hills and pits in bio-centre. Bulldozers and road graders gradually sleeked terrain. Building of the bridge started, by which railway will pass under the in-line skating rink.